Bob Chelmick


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As a photographer and mixed media artist, Bob has exhibited from coast to coast in Canada, as well as internationally, and authored two books featuring his images. He credits an interview encounter in the 1980s with Canadian author and photographer Freeman Paterson as inspiration for his career as a visual artist. He is one of the few photographers invited to be a member of the Alberta Society of Artists. Bob is also an award-winning radio and television host and producer (CBC, CTV and CKUA).

Since 2000, his company Chelmick Creative Inc. has focused on a combination of exhibition work as well as documentary and video productions, some of which have been translated into various languages for international distribution.

Bob lives in a cabin-in-the-woods, northwest of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his wife, Janice Beaton, and the dogs, horses and occasional coyote or moose (@bobnthedogs on Instagram). The Road Home program, a mix of music, spoken word and cabin ramblings is heard on CKUA ( and is radio made in the woods. It is also heard 24/7 on the web radio station: